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"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeing new lands, but in seeing with new eyes." Marcel Proust
"Let the beauty you love, be what you do." Rumi                 About Jessica Wolfson

Jessica is a Professional Certified Coach who inspires and motivates her clients to take better care of themselves and manage their stresses more effectively. She provides her clients with the knowledge, support, guidance and encouragement they need to make the changes they want. She loves watching her clients achieve

more than they thought possible. Her commitment is to help you design, develop and live the lifestyle you truly want.

Education and Credentials

▪ B.S. Education and Business Administration, University of Florida

▪ Exercise Physiology Program, Florida International University

▪ Authentic Happiness Coaching Graduate

▪ CoachU Certified Graduate

▪ International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach

▪ Licensed Executive Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches

▪ American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health/Fitness Instructor

Background & Experience

Jessica is a Licensed Executive Wellness Coach and in addition to coaching, she is a Wellcoaches faculty member. Jessica has coached over 2000 hours in the past eight years. She also mentors wellness coaches and health professional to fine tune their coaching skills.

     Jessica has studied with Dr. Martin Seligman, a leader in positive psychology, and she is among a small group who are certified in Authentic Happiness Coaching. Jessica is passionate about helping her clients improve themselves in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

     Jessica began as a yoga teacher 20 years ago and after receiving ACSM certification she was able to offer a more comprehensive approach to fitness by adding personal training to her program. As a trainer, she realized she was only helping her clients in the fitness domain and they struggled in others areas as well. After completing coach training, Jessica began working as a life coach with her clients, but because her passion is health and wellness, she especially enjoys wellness coaching. Wellness coaching integrates all of her skills and allows her to help her clients have more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

     Jessica speaks nationally at conventions on various topics related to wellness coaching. She trains coaches and health professionals in workshops offer by Wellcoaches, to learn wellness coaching. Jessica has published articles on wellness coaching for professional journals.

Hobbies & Interests

In addition to her work experiences, Jessica has many hobbies and interests. She is very active and enjoys working out in the gym, biking, tennis, golf and hiking. Her experience with yoga and mediation has enriched her life and allows her to maintain balance and stay focused. She has a certificate in Judaic Studies and has worked with survivors at the Holocaust Education and Documentation Center as an interviewer and facilitator. Jessica is tremendously grateful for what she has, for all the warm and wonderful people that are in her life, and for the opportunity to work as a Wellness Coach.

International Coach Federation American College of Sports Medicine Coachville Coach U - Certified Graduate Wellcoaches Authentic Happiness Coaching

To Contact Jessica Wolfson:
Telephone Number: 415-857-2841
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Berkeley - California
United States

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